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Renting a Mailbox is Simple

Click and follow the online sign up process.

Complete and print out, but do not sign USPS Form 1583.
A signature must be witnessed by Red Dot Mail or another notary and must include a photocopy of both ID’s if not submitting in person.

Support and Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question about our service and what it entails, you'll likely find an answer below. If you have any questions or concerns that aren't addressed on this page, feel free to submit your question on our contact page or give us a call during our normal business hours.

  • About Red Dot Mail
    • What is Red Dot Mail?

      We provide local mailbox rental for individuals and small businesses within or around Folsom, California. For as little as $12 a month, Red Dot Mail can provide you a professional street address, a private and secure mailbox, full-service mail and package receiving, arrival notification, and additional options for mail and package storage and forwarding.

    • How is Red Dot Mail different from other mailbox rental services?

      Our Arrival Notification is a service unlike any other. Upon receiving your mail or package, we will notify you by text message, email or an option of your choice. This way, the trip to your mailbox will always be worth your time and energy. In cases where your mail is coming in everyday, we can easily customize your notification to best suit your schedule.

    • Is Red Dot Mail like a P.O. Box?

      This is not a P.O. Box. Our location is a real street address with a physical office, this is more professional than what a P.O. Box can provide. You are also able to receive mail and packages from all carriers (i.e. FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc).

    • What are your pricing options?

      We offer 3 different mailbox sizes: small, medium and large. We also offer 3 different options for length of rental: 3-months, 6-months and 1-year. Minimum mailbox rental is 3-months and all fees are due at initial sign-up.

      Term Length Small Box Medium Box Large Box
      3 Months $48.00
      6 Months $84.00
      1 Year $144.00
    • How do I know which size mailbox to rent?

      Typically if you receive 3-4 pieces of mail per day we suggest starting out with the Small Mailbox. The reason being is that you can always upgrade to a larger mailbox when necessary. If you know that you receive 5-6 pieces of mail per day then we suggest starting with the Medium Mailbox. Any amount over 6 pieces per day should start with the Large Mailbox.

    • What will my address look like?

      After completing the sign-up process, you will be assigned a Private Mailbox Number (PMB). If your PMB Number is 201 then your address will appear as follows:

      Your Name or Business Name
      2260 East Bidwell Street #201
      Folsom, CA 95630

  • The Sign Up Process and Form 1583
    • How do I Sign Up?

      Click and follow the online sign up process. You will shortly receive an email with the forms required to start your mail box with us. Complete and print out the forms, but do not sign USPS Form 1583. A signature must be witnessed by Red Dot Mail or another notary and must include a photocopy of both ID’s if submitting in person.

    • What is Form 1583?

      As a registered Commercial Mail Receiving Agency (CMRA), we are legally required by the United States Postal Service (USPS) to provide and retain copies of your Form 1583 to USPS. The signing of this form must be witnessed by Red Dot Mail or notarized and sent to our mailing address.

    • How do I complete Form 1583?

      If you will not be submitting USPS Form 1583 in person, you must have the form notarized and include a photocopy of both ID’s used for verification. Send completed Form 1583 and photocopy of ID’s to:

      Red Dot Mail
      2260 East Bidwell Street
      Folsom, CA 95630

      Box #1: Enter today’s date.

      Box #2: Enter your full name (if spouse will be receiving mail as well, you may list them in the same box; do this for the remainder of the form where necessary).

      Box #3-4: Red Dot will complete these boxes for you.

      Box #5: Sign here to authorize Red Dot to accept your Restricted Delivery Mail(Restricted Delivery Mail is mail you must sign for).

      Box #6-7: Enter your full name, physical address and phone number (this cannot be a P.O. Box and if your physical address does not match your identification, you will need to show proof of where you live).

      Box #8: Red Dot will complete this section at the time of sign-up. If being notarized, notary will complete this section.

      You must provide two (2) of the following forms of identification, with one (1) including a photograph:

      1. Valid driver's liscense
      2. Valid state issued ID
      3. Armed Forces ID
      4. Government issued ID
      5. University ID
      6. Recognized Corporate ID
      7. Passport
      8. Alien Registration card
      9. Current lease or mortgage
      10. Current Deed of Trust
      11. Voter registration card
      12. Utility bill
      13. Home insurance card
      14. Vehicle insurance card
      15. Vehicle registration card

      *You may not use Credit Cards, Social Security Card, or a Birth Certificate

      Box #9-14: Complete these sections if you will also be receiving mail for your business at this mailbox.

      Box #15: Skip this box, Red Dot Mail or a Notary will complete.

      Box #16: Your signature here. Signature must be witnessed by Red Dot or Notary.

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